Hey folks,
Every year the PyCon US organizers put on a wonderful conference. If you're joining us in Portland over the next few days, stop on by the Twilio and Talk Python to Me sponsors booths. I will be at one of those two spots when I'm not watching talks (see below for the ones I'm looking forward to watching the most).

There's a ton of new content on Full Stack Python, especially around serverless computing. There are also new tutorials for AWS Lambda using Python 3.6 and 2.7.

Full Stack Python is closing in on the 100,000 words mark (93,812 as of this morning). Your feedback is really valuable in helping me set my writing direction. For example, this blog post on becoming a successful self-taught professional software developer was prompted by an email question.

The Python for Entrepreneurs video course is just about to launch out of early access as soon as we get our last chapter back from the editor. Michael and I are very excited to have the entire course released with its 20+ hours of content on building, deploying and operating a Python-based business. Once that's done I'm going to circle back on The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments with a new update, free for existing purchasers as always.

-- Matt Makai (Full Stack Python author and Twilio Developer Evangelist)

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PyCon US talks I'm looking forward to watching

Asynchronous Python for the Complete Beginner

Miguel is a great speaker and has a knack for breaking down complicated subjects into simple, digestible pieces.

5 ways to deploy your Python web app in 2017

My Twilio colleague Andrew Baker is presenting on my favorite subject of Python deployments.

Awesome Command Line Tools

Amjith always gives a great technical talk and Python's underappreciated use for building command line tools is a good topic.

An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Lots of folks are talking about deep learning and this talk focused on reinforcement learning sounds like it'll be a practical introduction with Jupyter Notebook examples.

Automate AWS With Python

I've been really into AWS lately so learning more about the platform from full-time users is on my high priority list.

Hacking Classic Nintendo Games with Python

Sam, another one of my Twilio colleagues, gave a version of this talk at the Python Brasil keynote. Spoiler alert: it's a spectacular hack and presentation.

I am constantly working to improve the Full Stack Python and The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments book and Python for Entrepreneurs based on your comments and suggestions. Please email me at matthew.makai@gmail.com, tweet me @mattmakai, @fullstackpython or file an issue on GitHub.