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The table of contents (also known as "all topics") page on Full Stack Python received a major upgrade this month. Each chapter is now organized into major subjects such as web development, deployments, web APIs and data. There are subchapters that group together concepts and implementations. For example, SQLAlchemy and Peewee are grouped under the Object-Relational Mappers (ORMs) subchapter within Chapter #9: Data. Many of the topics are still a work-in-progress or yet to be written, but many new pages are now available and listed below in this email newsletter.

Thanks again for the massive support during the launch of the Python for Entrepreneurs video course on Kickstarter. Michael Kennedy and I have been working hard to crank out the videos for the first several chapters. The videos are available immediately as an early access bonus when you pre-order.

There is a new update to The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments now available - free to download for people who've already purchased the book. Another update is on the way soon that bumps Ansible to the just-released 2.1.2 version. I am also working on a new way to structure the chapters based on reader feedback that should make learning the manual and automated parts easier. Future updates will be free to existing purchasers If you have not yet bought the book on Gumroad, use the promo code oct-fsp-newsletter for $5 off the purchase price of the combo bundle or the solo book.

-- Matt Makai (Full Stack Python author)

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New Full Stack Python pages


Pelican is a static site generator implemented in Python that uses Markdown or reStructuredText to produce websites.


Bots are applications that combine text input with contextual data to handle and respond to requests.


SQLAlchemy is a popular object-relational mapper (ORM) that bridges database relations into Python objects.


Peewee is a object-relational mapper (ORM) implementation for bridging relational data and Python objects.

Green Unicorn (Gunicorn)

Green Unicorn (Gunicorn) is a Python WSGI server that runs Python web application code.


Twilio is an API for developers to add communications such as phone calling, messaging and video to Python applications.

As always, I'm working to improve the Full Stack Python and The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments book and Python for Entrepreneurs based on your comments and suggestions. Please email me at matthew.makai@gmail.com, tweet me @mattmakai, @fullstackpython or file an issue on GitHub.